White Qualcomm Toq now available as a “Limited Edition” variant

Qualcomm Toq White

The Qualcomm Toq is a decent smartwatch and easily one of the best available in the market today. However, it was only available in Black with the White variant said to be available soon. Qualcomm has finally made the White variant available as well, although in limited quantities. It is a bit strange that Qualcomm decided to make the White variant a Limited Edition model, but we’re guessing manufacturing constraints led the company to take that route. The smartwatch is available both from Qualcomm’s official store as well as Amazon. Qualcomm promises shipping by 2 days while Amazon will reportedly take 1-2 months to ship this Limited Edition variant.

The Pebble is still the preferred smartwatch for most as it is more versatile and cheaper than conventional smartwatches. But the Qualcomm Toq offers slightly better functionality compared to the Pebble. However, the Toq is still expensive when compared to the Galaxy Gear. But considering that the Galaxy Gear is only compatible with Samsung smartphones, we guess the $350 pricing is justified.

Source: Toq Store

Via: Talk Android

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