Troubleshooting Five Signal Problems on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – PART 2 of 2

// This is the second part of the prior article about ‘Troubleshooting Five Signal Problems on Samsung Galaxy Note 2.’ Tackled in this page are the remaining three problems associated with signal or network reception on Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Problem # 3. Unable to Make a Call

Some people are having problems making a call from their Galaxy Note 2 devices, yet they are able to receive incoming calls. Such problem can be due to any of the following factors:

  • Change of carrier
  • Inactive account
  • Incorrect account set up
  • Network outage in the area
  • Third-party application
  • Inconsistent network connection
  • Call barring/restrictions enabled


  1. Verify current account status to see if it is in good standing or not delinquent.
  2. Check your device and make sure it is getting adequate signal strength of at least 2-3 bars.
  3. Try to make a call. If you hear any recording every time you make a call, then take note of the recording message and call you service provider to have them address the issue.
  4. Also let your service provider know if the problem on signal loss only occurs when you try to make a call at certain locations.
  5. Check your device for any possible liquid or physical damages. Some issues on mobile network connectivity are linked to liquid or physical damage present on the device, especially if it was dropped or got wet.
  6. To make sure the problem is not due to a use of faulty SIM card or incorrect SIM card installation, verify the SIM card you are using is correct and originally comes from your service provider.
  7. If you happen to forget updating your device software, then this is the time for you to consider updating it. Checkout any available software updates for your device and go for the upgrade.
  8. As standard procedure, re-establish network connection with the mobile network by removing the battery from your Galaxy Note 2 for 30 seconds with the device is still on, and then replace the battery afterwards. Turn the device on and wait for a few seconds for it to connect to the available mobile network.
  9. Make a test call to another phone number and see if it will go through this time.
  10. To test further if the service is already active, try to send a text message to yourself. If you cannot send or receive the text message, then the next thing you need to do is contact your service provider for further troubleshooting assistance.

What to do when you are unable to make a call to a specific number?

  1. In case you are attempting to call a number that is stored on your device, try using the phone’s keypad or dialer to dial the number, using either an 11-digit (1+area code+number) or  a 10-digit (area code+number) number sequence. If the call is successful, delete the original contact from your device and create a new one with the number sequence you used to make the last successful call.
  2. If the call is not successful and you heard one or two rings and then the call dropped, or you are prompted with a “Call Failed,” “Call Ended,” or disconnected, it indicates that the person you are trying to reach is preventing your call from being completed. It therefore means that your device is working properly.

What to do when you are unable to make a call to any number?

  1. If this is the case, then make sure call barring or restrictions on your device are not set for outgoing calls.

Here is how to check Call Restrictions/Barring configurations on Galaxy Note 2:

  1. Touch the MENU icon from the Home Screen.
  2. Touch to select Settings from the sub-menu items.
  3. Touch to select My Device.
  4. Touch to select Call.
  5. Touch to select Additional Settings.
  6. Touch Call Barring to see if call barring is enabled on your device.
  7. Make sure the options for All Outgoing Calls is UNCHECKED.


Problem #4. Unable to Receive a Call

In this case, you are able to make a call but cannot receive calls on your device. Aside from the other probable known causes, this problem can also be due to the device’s Blocking mode is enabled, Airplane mode is active, or call barring/restrictions are enabled.


Considering your account is in good status and other possibilities are verified not causing the problem, here is what to do next.

  1. Check Airplane mode is not active on the device. Just press and hold the Power button for a moment and wait until you see the prompt ‘Airplane mode is OFF.’ If it doesn’t say so, then touch Airplane mode to disable the feature.
  2. Also perform standard procedure to re-establish a connection with the mobile network. In case you forget, just remove the battery for 30 seconds, wait for a few more seconds and turn on the device. Wait until the device already established a connection to the network. Continue by making a test call to your device from a different device.

Cannot Receive a call from a specific number

Here’s what to do if you cannot receive a call from a specific number:

  1. Check the number of the caller is not included in call restrictions like Auto Reject. Check your device settings and see if auto reject mode is active or enabled. Here is how to manage auto reject mode on your Galaxy Note 2:
  • Open the Phone application.
  • Touch the Menu icon.
  • Touch to select Call settings from the sub-menu.
  • Touch to select Call rejection.
  • Touch Auto Reject Mode –> OFF.
  • Make a test call or let someone call your device to see if it’s working now.
  • If problem persists, then uninstall any third-party applications from your device.

Cannot Receive a call from any number

This issue is also likely due to Call Restrictions like Auto Reject settings enabled or activated. Another possible cause is the Blocking Mode is disabled on the device.

Solution A. Manage Auto Reject

Here is how:

  • Open the Phone application
  • Touch the Menu Icon to continue
  • Touch to select Call Settings
  • Touch to select Call Rejection
  • Touch Auto Reject Mode –>OFF
  • Make a test call to your device

Solution B. Manage Blocking Mode settings

As recommended, Blocking Mode should be disabled on the device. Once the feature is enabled, all calls to the device will be directly sent to voicemail unless you have added numbers to the Allowed Contacts list manually. Here is how to manage Blocking Mode Settings on Galaxy Note 2:

  • Touch the Menu icon from the home screen.
  • Touch to select Settings from the sub-menu.
  • Touch My Device to continue
  • Touch Blocking Mode to check its status.
  • Touch the ON slider to turn the Blocking feature OFF.
  • After verifying the Blocking mode is set to OFF, make a test call to your device.

If problem persists, then check call barring or forwarding restrictions are not set for incoming calls.


Problem #5. Dropped Calls

Dropped calls can be caused by several factors such as:

  • Underground locations like subway lines, parking garages and basements
  • Low battery strength causing low signal strength
  • Signal barriers like hills, trees, large buildings or mountains
  • Dead spots, especially in areas with not enough cell towers
  • Peak hours like rush-hour commute that may overload towers in certain location
  • Built-in drop call schedule like carriers are automatically setting drop calls after a certain number of hours to prevent any unexpected overages from “pocket-dialing”


  1. Check if you are getting enough signal (at least 2-3 bars)
  2. Check with your Service Provider for coverage, particularly in areas where you are experiencing dropped calls. Poor reception is always possible especially if you are traveling.
  3. Check your device for any physical or liquid damages.
  4. If you are using a SIM card, make sure it is not faulty and correctly installed in your device. The SIM card must also come from your Service Provider to avoid any other SIM-card related issues.
  5. Set your device to use only 2G/3G networks especially if you are in an area where 4G is not available. You can always set it back to 4G when the coverage is available.

Here is how to adjust network settings on your Galaxy Note 2:

a. Touch Menu from the Home screen, then go to Settings, Connections, More Networks, Mobile Networks, and finally Network Mode.

b. Under Network Mode options, select GSM, CDMA or GSM/UMTS.

If problem persists, please contact your service provider to assist you further in troubleshooting problems on dropped calls with your Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


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