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Trademark filing reveals the existence of the Samsung Galaxy NX Mini

Galaxy NX MiniNew rumors are pegging the arrival of yet another Galaxy device, but it’s not what you expect. Remember the super expensive Galaxy NX camera which broke cover in mid-2013? Well, according to a trademark filing, Samsung could be working on a mini variant of that too. Samsung has applied to trademark the Galaxy NX Mini, but that’s all we know for now. So if everything goes according to plan, we should see a mini Galaxy NX breaking cover in the foreseeable future, although there’s no clarification on when exactly this camera will be launched.

It is now time for speculations to begin as to how different and underpowered this variant will be compared to the Galaxy NX and maybe Samsung will have a thing or two to say about it at the CES event next week, but in any case we should see the device being announced during the MWC in February. The concept of a mini camera can be slightly tricky, so we’re quite eager to see what Samsung comes up with. A lower resolution camera with a smaller digital viewfinder comes to mind, but Samsung could have a few surprises lined up for us.

Source: USPTO

Via: Sam Mobile

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