The Eye Tribe demonstrates eye tracking technology on an Android smartphone with Fruit Ninja

eye trackingThe folks from The Eye Tribe have been working on their gaze/eye tracking bars for an year now. The team has now displayed their gaze tracking technology in the form of an infrared powered micro-USB dongle for Android smartphones. This demonstration includes playing Fruit Ninja solely using gaze tracking and no use of hands, which is quite a cool feature for this day and age. The purpose of this technology is to make touchscreen devices more easy to use by limiting the use of hands. However, this technology is still in its infancy and The Eye Tribe is only marketing this new product as a proof of concept rather than a user purchasable device.

The makers reportedly want manufacturers to adopt this technology right within the core of their devices instead of having to use it as an external accessory. The Android dongle isn’t available for sale at this point unfortunately, although the PC or Mac compatible eye tracking bar is available for purchase with a $99 price tag through its website.

We have seen Samsung make tremendous inroads with the eye tracking technology through its devices over the last couple of years with features like Smart Stay, Smart Scroll etc which judges the eye movements of the user. The upcoming Galaxy S5 handset is reported to feature an Iris Scanner, which will be Samsung’s answer for the fingerprint scanner.

Source: Android Central