T-Mobile will pay off ETF for families who transfer from another network

T-Mobile ETFAhead of its official announcement today, T-Mobile has confirmed what’s in store for the customers with Uncarrier 4.0. According to an ad which has been circulating on websites for the past few hours, T-Mobile will look to tackle the early termination fee or ETF while customers switch from another carrier. This will provide more motivation for the users to switch over to T-Mobile as the hefty early termination fee, which the major carriers demand, will be paid off.

The ad also implies that T-Mobile is looking to lure in entire families with the plan as it will reportedly offer up to $350 per family if they’re willing to bring over at least 3 devices/lines to the pink side. Devices from Sprint, AT&T and Verizon will qualify under this promotion according to a small disclaimer in the ad at the bottom which goes on to say that customers can bring up to five lines. A formal announcement and more details are awaited later today when T-Mobile CEO will take the stage at 12:30PM PST, so make sure you keep a close eye to learn what other surprises T-Mobile has for us.

Via: Droid-Life