T-Mobile launches Mobile Money banking service

Mobile Money

In a bid to stand out from the competition, T-Mobile has just announced its new banking service which it calls Mobile Money. This works pretty much like any other mobile banking system, in that you can deposit money into your account and spend it with a T-Mobile issued VISA debit card across the country. As an added bonus for T-Mobile customers, the carrier will waive off most of the fees, which is a good reward for its loyal customers. The carrier is bringing this service to its customers in partnership with The Bancorp Bank. There’s no minimum balance limit as well, so T-Mobile has certainly covered all its bases. This is quite similar to the Google Wallet cards which is being offered since November last year.

T-Mobile has already published a Mobile Money app on the Google Play Store to access the funds and transaction history right within your fingertips. Users can apply for the Mobile Money service today through T-Mobile’s official page (link below). This is certainly a bold move by T-Mobile and one which will be closely monitored in the coming days. Hit the Play Store link below to download the dedicated Mobile Money application on your Android smartphone/tablet.

Sources: T-Mobile, Google Play Store

Via: Android Police