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T-Mobile Broadening Switching Program

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Looks like T-Mobile wants even more people to be free of contracts. After announcing and launching their “We’ll Pay Your ETF” trade-in program for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, T-Mobile is already looking to add more carriers for eligibility in the program.

T-Mobile’s marketing chief Mike Sievert said that so far, there have been more than 80,000 “breakup letters” shared on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. If you follow T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere on Twitter, you’ve definitely seen some of those.

However, Mike Sievert has not said specifically how many people have actually signed up, so those are the numbers for now. But for the program only existing for a little over a week at the time of this post, that’s really good.

Now, T-Mobile is looking to add more carriers to eligibility. T-Mobile says that they will be expanding their program to smaller national and regional carriers, such as US cellular, to their list of approved carriers. In total, they plan to allow people on more than a dozen more carriers the opportunity to switch without penalty.

T-Mobile also says that they are looking to add more devices to the approved trade-in list as well, including damaged phones. Damaged phones will obviously worth less than their fully-working counterparts. So if you have a cracked screen on a phone, T-Mobile will give you less for your device when they institute this change.

As T-Mobile keeps saying, this plan is not a limited-time offer and will be permanent. You can get T-Mobile to pay up to $350 for your ETF on another carrier, along with up to $300 for your device. If T-Mobile recent Q4 of 2013 is any example, their first quarter of Q1 looks to be one of huge growth.

So those of you on non T-Mobile carriers, have you switched? Are you still looking to switch? Or is it not worth it for you to switch, due to coverage and/or price?

Source: T-Mobile via Re/code

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