T-Mobile added over 1.6 million subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2013

T-Mobile LogoT-Mobile held its much anticipated media event in Las Vegas yesterday announcing the arrival of its Uncarrier 4.0 plans. Along with that, the carrier also published its performance results from the last two years, showing a massive growth in the last quarter of 2013. T-Mobile reportedly added over 1.6 million customers in the last three months of 2013, thanks to the massive ad campaign and the competitive pricing.

With the announcement of Uncarrier 4.0, T-Mobile will hope to add several more customers to its roster this year which could be a cause for concern for the likes of Sprint and AT&T, while Verizon still enjoys a large user base in the U.S. T-Mobile is now on the verge of being one of the fastest growing carriers in the U.S. which will be a remarkable feat for the carrier.

During the announcement, T-Mobile also mentioned that it has the fastest data network in the U.S. The data was apparently accessed by Ookla which runs the Speedtest app. With speeds of up to 17.8Mbps in coverage areas, T-Mobile is way ahead of the second best AT&T which peaks at 14.5Mbps according to the available data. However, T-Mobile doesn’t enjoy the coverage area of AT&T or Verizon, so the results could be different when T-Mobile expands into more regions of the U.S.

Via: Talk Android, Android Central