Sony QX10 And QX100 Cameras Receive Big 2.0 Firmware Update



The Sony QX10 and QX100 cameras are still odd, but now they just got a lot more powerful. Today, a massive 2.0 firmware update was released for the pair, with features like video recording and low-light areas getting improvements.

Both cameras now have full 1080P 16:9 video recording, up from the previous 1080P 4:3 recordings. That should help with watching videos you shoot on most phones, 16:9 monitors, and HDTVs.

Both cameras also have had their ISO top limits increased, which should help with low-light scenarios. The QX10 now has a top ISO rate of 3200, and the QX100 now can shoot up to an ISO rate of 12800. Also for the QX100 is a new shutter speed priority mode, designed for mostly action shots.

To update your QX10 or QX100, you’ll have to connect your model to a computer via a Windows PC (sorry Mac users), a USB cable, and a battery charge of three quarters (75%). The link for instructions and the download for both models is here. So if you own either camera, go update them.

Source: Sony, via Android Police