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Sony D6503 “Sirius” UI Gets Leaked

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This is quite a big leak. Nearly everything has been leaked, from the design, to the chipsets, and even the UI. Earlier over the weekend, we spoke about the hardware and some of the UI designs, but now a lot of the UI has been leaked.

First of all, as we said earlier, the Sony D6503 will come with Android 4.4 pre-installed. You will not have to wait for an OTA update in order to get it, which is great, especially if you’re in the US.


So let’s go on to some features. The D6503 will feature 4K video recording, which should go nicely with Sony’s new 4K TVs they announced at CES. There’s also a timeshiftimg option, which sounds like it’ll be like the iPhone 5s’ own slow-motion video. The iPhone 5s records the video at 120 FPS at 720p, and then you add the slow-mo effects later.


There will be quite a few display options on the D6503. They range from the backlight to gloves and white balance. We have seen Glove Mode on previous Experia devices, so it’s nice that it’ll be here as well. Changing the white balance should help in certain places, such as outdoors.


Now as to smart backlight control, that seems like a really nice new feature. If you look at the phone, usually the backlight turns off after a preset time, even if you’re doing something, but not touching the display. Now the phone will stay on as long as you continue to look at it.


A popular feature on phones lately is double tapping the screen to lock or unlock a device. This was first seen on the LG G2 and has since also been on Sony’s own Experia Tablet Z. This is really good, as it saves your lock button from damage over time.


It looks like Sony will be adding a sort of “answering machine” to the D6503. If you have used a landline phone, you know what those are. On this phone, you can set it to be enabled after a specific period of time and use a custom greeting.

It looks like Sony will now let you choose between launchers easier on this new phone. In the settings, you can see a button to get to that menu. Inside, it includes two home launchers by default: a “Simple Home” launcher or the regular “Experia Home” launcher we’re accustomed to.

The “Simple Home” launcher looks like it’ll be designed for users who have sight problems. The size of the icons will increase to big squares and the text size is a lot bigger. But you can easily switch back and forth between the two, if you so choose.

You will also be able to use some extra audio features. The first is “audio accessories.” We don’t know yet what it does, but it might have to do with pairing audio devices to the phone. The second is that Sony will be adding in USB Dac support to the Sirius, which is High-res audio over USB.

There are now new personalization options for the Sirius. The “Themes” option has been replaced by “Experia Themes” in the menu. So you can now download new themes from Sony Select, their marketplace for themes.

You will also be able to manage notifications, which means you can turn off notifications for certain apps. Their are also 4.4 KitKat styled wallpapers. You can also pick the default SMS app.

There are also other miscellaneous improvements coming to the Sony D6503. The image doesn’t say it, but the phone looks like it’ll be coming with 16 GB of storage onboard, but also have microSD memory card support. The “Power Management” menu has been split into two menus, specifically “Device” and “Accessory”.

The “Location Services” menu has been greatly expanded and renamed. It is now simply called “Location” and has new features that look like they’re from stock KitKat. You can now change your location modes to “High Accuracy” and “Low Accuracy”, which should presumably affect battery life.


There’s now also a Printing menu in the settings, which means you will be able to print from your device. But it’s unclear at this time if you’ll be able to tap into services such as Google Cloud Print.

It looks like there will be a Google Now-like feature called “What’s New”. Like with Google Now, you’ll swipe up from the bottom of the device to activate it. It’s unclear specifically what it does, though.

Some of the KitKat UI changes also seem to be on this device. For example, the menu bar is now transparent. New wallpapers are also included, which also match KitKat’s flair.

In the drop down menu, you can switch easily between your notifications and the quick settings area. In Quick Settings, you will be also to change the order of the buttons.

It looks like the Experia Launcher will remain largely unchanged from the current version that runs atop of Android 4.3, other than the transparent menu bar and app tray. In the multitasking menu, there is also a “Close all” option to remove all apps from the switcher.

Finally, there are apps that show off some hardware features. There is a “Touch Block” app, which is for water resistant devices, so the Sirius should be waterproof. There are also no changes to the Movies app, but Sony usually changes these outside of the Android version.


The latest version of the Calendar app is also included on the Sirius, so you’ll get the features of that app. You will also get Garvin Navigon, designed for the Experia line of phones. And it looks like you will get a 30 day free trial of the service, which is nice.

Finally, the Sirius is rumored to come with stereo speakers, like on the HTC One. These speakers will also have support for S-Force audio. But it’s unknown if that is hardware or software-based.

So this looks like it will be a great phone for 2014. Hopefully it’ll be announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 24th-February 27th. Now we just need some confirmation on release dates.

Source: Experia Blog

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