Sony Core Is A Tiny Fitness Tracker

Wearable technology has taken the spotlight at CES 2014 and Sony is one of the companies with an activity tracker to announce. The Sony Core is a tiny chip, only as thick as two sticks of gum, which can be fitted into another accessory such as a wristband. It has no display yet it is able to view information which can be viewed to a paired Android smartphone.

Sony says that it will start placing the Core into various products starting with a smartband this coming spring. Aside from the fitness tracking metrics it will also function as a life journal, keep track of photos taken, special moments, and other live events.

The device functions more than a fitness tracker as it can act as a life logger. Sony wants this device to collect information on what you do in life and collate the information into an automated journal.

Details regarding the Core are still few however what we do know is that it will need to connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone. A companion app will be available which allows the consumer to see the information collected.

Sony’s Lifelog app, which is used with the Core, has a very visual design that allows users to easily slide back and forth on their timeline history. Weather information is even recorded and if you scroll forward on this portion you will see the weather conditions for the next day. If you watched a movie it will also record what movie you watched. This also applies to any exercise activity you do. If you jogged then it will record the route you took and even what music you listened to while you jogged.

Since there is no display, lights or vibration to sap power its battery life stands at an impressive 5 days on a single charge. A micro-USB port is used for charging but the whole device is waterproof.

Sony announced that the Core will be shipping in the US and Europe for 99 Euros in the first quarter of this year. Three extra bands will also be included as an optional accessory which will sell for around 15 to 20 Euros.

More details regarding this device will be revealed at the upcoming MWX 2014 which will be held next month.

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