Solutions to the HTC One S Viber Problem

htc one s viber problem

If you are experiencing HTC One S Viber problem wherein you are having trouble placing your calls, this article will provide you a quick guide to fix the issue.

Possible Causes of the HTC One S Viber Problem

According to the support page of Viber, these may trigger issues when placing your calls:

  • The person you are calling may not be connected to the Internet.
  • The number in your Contacts is listed differently.
  • There is an issue with the Wi-Fi settings of your router.
  • Your ISP has issues.
  • The Viber app is experiencing bugs.

Likely Fixes for the HTC One S Viber Problem

If the issue is due to any of the abovementioned causes, here are the solutions you can apply to fix it:

1. Confirm the availability of person you are calling or try calling again some other time when he or she is likely to be online.

2. For your contacts to be able to see you as online or for them to be able to place a call to you, the number that you have registered in Viber must be the same with the one listed in their address book. That means the prefix (area and cell provider codes) of your mobile number must appear exactly in their contacts list as you have registered it and vice versa.

3. The following ports of your Wi-Fi router must be activated by your system administrator:

  • TCP 5242
  • TCP 4244
  • UDP 5243
  • UDP 7985

4. Check if your Internet connection is stable and its speed is working normally. You can use speed test apps for this.

5. Some carriers in other countries have placed certain restrictions in using apps such as Viber so make sure that your location allows the app.

6. If you have tried all the possible solutions to the HTC One S Viber problem yet you are still having issues, it might be a bug related to your app. To fix this restart your phone. If that does not work, update or uninstall and then reinstall the Viber app.

7. When the problem still persists after reinstalling the Viber app, contact the app’s technical support so that its representative can look further into the matter and help you come up with other possible remedies.

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Source: Viber Customer Support

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