Sharp’s MEMS Display Technology Coming To Mobile Devices This Year

A new type of display will soon make its way to the market this year that’s reportedly better than the OLED and LCD technologies being used by mobile devices today. It’s no secret that Sharp has been working with Qualcomm on a new display technology called MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) which delivers an excellent image quality while using only a low amount of power.

At the recently held CES 2014 Sharp showcased a 7-inch tablet (1280 x 768 pixels) using a MEMS display. The colors on the screen were very sharp and images were crisp giving OLED displays a run for their money. The first commercially available tablets that will be using this new type of display will hit the market this coming summer 2014.

Some of the key features of MEMS include

  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Excellent image and color quality
  • Reduces power when less color ins needed
  • Delivers clear and crisp images even in extreme conditions

Perhaps one of the best features of this new display is that it requires low power. One of the most power hungry components of a mobile device is its display. A balance must be maintained in order to provide the user with an optimal experience. The better the image quality, the more power is consumed to maintain that image which will then result to a reduction in battery life.

MEMS display will effectively solve this balance problem since it can deliver great images while using a lesser amount of power compared to other technologies such as OLED or LCD.

Most of the displays available in the market make use of a constant backlight that pushes the desired color to the user. The light is then increased or decreased across the whole panel based on the needs.

A MEMS display uses a different approach than the current technologies. Each pixel has a red, green, and blue LED. A microscopic shutter is used to control how much light is received by the user. Careful control of the shutters and the changing backlight colors allows the user to perceive the desired image on the screen. Aside from this general explanation of the technology the engineers over at Sharp have not provided further details.

Sharp is planning to release a 7-inch tablet that uses a MEMS display this summer. The company even says that soon this technology will be used in TV sets.

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