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SEGA launches Sonic Racing Transformed on Android

Sonic Racing TransformedThe folks at SEGA have just announced the Sonic Racing Transformed game on Android, just a day after it broke cover for iOS devices. This game is a sequel to Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing and is sure to bring back some memories if you have played this game on your console as a child. Even if you haven’t, the game is certainly a fun way to kill time, especially on a lazy weekend at home. However, Android Police suggests that it’s not advisable to download the game now, especially considering that it costs $4.99 and relies heavily on in-app purchases.

SEGA appears to have deliberately skipped on a few characters from the console version to make them available via in-app purchases. Users only get up to 10 players to choose from, and although it includes all the characters that fans would associate with, it’s still not complete. If SEGA offered the game for free, then the in-app purchases would make more sense, but shelling out $5 and then expecting to spend more money just doesn’t seem right. If you’re willing to look over these glitches, hit the link below and download the app. It also has a multilayer mode so that you can play with your buddies online.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Police

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