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Screenshots of the latest TouchWiz UI leak out once again

TouchWizA couple of weeks ago, we were greeted to a new TouchWiz homescreen which Samsung was reportedly experimenting with. Earlier today, Evleaks leaked out two more screenshots of this new UI revealing a plethora of social options. Interestingly, these home screen screenshots reveal an arrangement similar to Google Now with real time cards displaying information on your flights, purchases and other activities like running and nearby concerts etc. It is very likely that this design could be scrapped in favor of something new and different in the future, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

It’s good to see that Samsung is constantly working to improve TouchWiz which has often been criticized in the past. This new UI or a slightly modified version of what we have here is expected to break cover with the Samsung Galaxy S5 in March or early April. We should have more leaks and screenshots coming our way as we inch closer to the announcement. It is imperative that Samsung succeeds with the Galaxy S5 as the competition has gotten tougher with the emergence of Chinese companies in global markets.

Source: @evleaks – Twitter

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