How to Save Web Images on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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Here is a question that came in recently at The Droid Guy Mailbag:

“When  I use my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Chrome on a website to order something or say transfer a payment to a vendor, I usually get a response page back with a reference number and confirmation details. I don’t seem to be able to save that page with all its details. If I bookmark it, what gets saved is the page without my personal details or confirmation reference. Can you tell me how I can save this information, particularly so I can show it, say if it’s a train reservation or ticket booking for cinema or theatre or flights, or receipt for an order of clothing, etc. Thanks.”

Saving a Webpage or Image on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

If the information that you are trying to save is in picture format, all you have to do is place your finger into the image and let it sit there until a pop up appears which asks you to save it. Simply choose the option that will let you save it if it appears.

If that does not work, simply use the screenshot function of your device in order to save all the data reflected in your screen.

Here are ways to take a screenshot using your Galaxy Note 2:

1. Hold down the Power and Home keys at the same time until a shutter sound can be heard.

2. Press the button of the S Pen and use it to touch the display. Let it remain there until you see or hear a notification that a screenshot has already been taken.

3. Use the Scrapbooker app to save the whole webpage or parts of it. The article “How to Save Galaxy Note 3 Webpages Using Scrapbook” will guide you through the whole process.

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