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Samsung’s new design patent filing reveals design of a future flagship

Samsung Patent Galaxy S5The Samsung Galaxy S5 is only a few months away from launch and we expect leaks to give us a better idea of the smartphone as we inch closer to April. One such leak has now emerged courtesy of a design patent filed by Samsung in December at the USPTO. The accompanying images don’t reveal a whole lot, but it is clear that Samsung is not going to change anything drastically as far as the design of its future flagship is concerned.

The figures also reveal a slot for the S-Pen stylus, so this could well be a variant of the Galaxy Note 3 (Galaxy Note 3 Lite?) or maybe Samsung will implement the S-Pen with the Galaxy S5. Another likely scenario is that Samsung filed this design patent for the Galaxy Note 4 which will not break cover for another nine months at least. Have a look at these images and see if you can grasp something from them. By the looks of it, Samsung will maintain the familiar curved/oval design which has been very successful for the company. The hardware inside however will be substantially upgraded from what we have seen so far.

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Via: Sam Mobile

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