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Samsung working on a new UI for its flagships?

TouchWiz UISamsung refreshes its mobile user interface every year. But year after year, it’s only a minor upgrade and nothing major is seen. However, according to Evleaks, Samsung has started work on a new mobile UI for its flagships and other devices. In its current form, Samsung’s TouchWiz isn’t the best of the several manufacturer UIs out there. Even Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi’s MIUI is far ahead of Samsung’s TouchWiz in terms of looks and functionality.

HTC Sense is considered one of the best custom UIs in the market and HTC has worked hard to maintain that image, even though its smartphones aren’t exactly hot sellers right now. But it looks like Samsung is finally waking up to criticism from users and experts about its UI. The leaked screenshot of this new UI looks substantially different from what we see today, although it’s nothing groundbreaking. But since this appears to be a very early version of the UI, we expect the finished product to be much better when it breaks cover in a few months from now.

Source: @evleaks – Twitter

Via: Android Beat

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