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Samsung will issue an update to the Galaxy Note 3 to fix incompatibility with third party accessories

Spigen Galaxy Note 3

Samsung recently stirred up controversy when its Android 4.4 update for the Galaxy Note 3 was believed to have badly affected third party accessories meant for the smartphone. After the update, select third party S-View cases stopped working with the Galaxy Note 3. While Samsung initially failed to acknowledge the issue, it has now told Ars Technica that the issue is indeed software related.

The good news however is that Samsung has now promised to fix this issue with another software update in the future. This should bring back compatibility with all the third party S-View cases available in the market today. However, Samsung failed to give a specific timeframe for the rollout of this new update.

In its detailed statement, Samsung said the following – “We have currently identified a software compatibility issue with the Galaxy Note 3 update to Android 4.4 (KitKat) and select 3rd party accessories. A software update will be available shortly.” So the matter has been pretty much resolved now, but we still think it’s safe to remain on Android 4.3 until Samsung finishes rolling out this update, especially if you use a third party S-View case for your Galaxy Note 3.

Source: Ars Technica

Via: Cult of Android

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