Samsung sold close to 86 million smartphones in Q4 2013


Samsung has just published financial results for 2013 along with figures of the last quarter, revealing record breaking sales of its smartphones. While its main rival Apple sold approximately 56.4 million iPhones in the last quarter of the year, Samsung sold a whopping 86 million smartphones in Q4 2013, surpassing every other manufacturer by a long margin. Third and fourth place was shared by Huawei (16.6 million units sold) and Lenovo (13.6 million) respectively, who have a huge presence in Asian markets.

Samsung now has a global marketshare of 32%, which is lower than initial company estimates due to the emergence of Chinese OEMs. However, the Korean manufacturer still sits firmly on top and is the leader of the smartphone market as of Q4 2013. Collectively, a total of 990 million smartphones were sold in 2013 which speaks volumes of the sales and demand for smartphones around the world. Strategy Analytics came up with the data on how the smartphone market fared in 2013 and it’s clear that other manufacturers still have a lot of work to do if they want to catch up with Samsung.

Source: Reuters

Via: Phone Arena