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Samsung Galaxy Tab Round Poised to be the First Flexible Display Tablet

The race in the smartphone, tablet and generally consumer market is heating up, and as we saw during this year’s CES early this week, flexible displays were among the most elegant of what dominated the show.  Today, we learn that Samsung may be preparing to launch the very first tablet with a flexible or curved display, about 3 months after the South Korean manufacturer brought the 5.7 inch Galaxy Round with a curved (read flexible) display.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Round

MovePlayer reports that Samsung is now considering releasing a tablet with the same screen as the Galaxy Round smartphone and although it is still just a rumor, there is some substance in it considering that the technology is gaining popularity seen in the recent show of curved display TVs and flexible display devices.  The name Samsung Galaxy Tab Round also comes from the source site but there isn’t any more information about the device.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Round, if it indeed exists, should be a 7 or 8 inch device with all or most hardware features of the recently launched Galaxy Note 3 tablet or will probably have features slightly less impressive.  Since Samsung is already rumored to be working on their next flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5 and there is word there is a version with a flexible screen in the works (read it here), there is a high possibility the Galaxy Tab Round will be the first (Android) tablet or min-tablet with a curved (flexible) display.

Samsung’s curved display smartphone retailed for a whopping $1,000 in South Korea on launch, a very steep price considering the mid-range features of the device.  Could this mean Samsung’s curved display devices are way more expensive or was the maker just capitalizing on a new trend?  Let’s wait and see, if this device is real I hope it makes it to the mainstream US marke.

Source: MovePlayer via Android Headlines


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