Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, Tab 3 Lite and Note Pro 12.2 Score Bluetooth SIG Certification

As we near the year’s first two major tech-related trade shows, next week’s CES and next month’s MWC, the puzzle that’s Samsung’s 2014 mobile product lineup becomes less and less of a conundrum.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

For instance, it’s now nearly set in stone that the purported Galaxy Grand Lite will be marketed as the Grand Neo, whereas the Note 3 Lite will significantly lower the performance ante compared with its distant cousin.

Then you have a slightly more complicated tablet totem pole, where the massive Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is to sit at the very top, with at least two Galaxy Tab Pros underneath it and a low-end, low-cost GTab Lite chilling at the base.

Of the slate slew, three individuals are today moving one step closer to their formal introductions, thanks to swift Bluetooth SIG approval processes. What’s interesting is one particular tab, the SM-T905, managed to keep a relatively low profile in the rumor mill so far, only breaking its cover a couple of weeks ago, when a Zauba listing was tracked down.


Initially, the theory was this mysterious bad boy was nothing but a subvariety of the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, aka SM-P900 or SM-P905. After all, their codenames were extremely close, and there had to be a connection.

On further investigation though, we’ve become quite certain the SM-T905 will be part of the Galaxy Tab family, not the Note series. Particularly, the thing is bound to be made known as the GTab 12.2, or GTab Pro 12.2.

As such, expect it to sport a vibrant 2,560 x 1,600 pix res 12.2-inch panel, as well as most of the top-shelf features the Note Pro is tipped to rock: quad-core Snapdragon 800 SoC, 3 GB RAM, 8 MP rear-facing camera and optional 4G LTE support.


There will however be one difference, and one difference alone, namely the Tab Pro 12.2, like all Tab family members, is to lack S Pen support. Odds are that’ll lead to a (small) gap in pricing, though it’s a little too early to make any further assumptions.

And while we’re on the Note Pro 12.2 subject, let’s mention the S Pen-toting big guy has been given Bluetooth SIG’s blessing at around the same time as the GTab 12.2 and… the Tab 3 Lite. The only one not carrying LTE support is the entry-level 7-incher (model number SM-T111), rumored to cost as little as $100 and debut during the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

A delay of the announcement until February’s Mobile World Congress is definitely not out of the question either, especially as the Note Pro 12.2, Tab Pro 12.2, Tab Pro 8.4 and Tab Pro 10.1 look most likely to go official at Barcelona’s expo. Bottom line, Samsung is going to keep busy for time to come.

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