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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite goes up for pre-order in Russia for $194

Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

While the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite was made official by Samsung early last week, details on its availability and pricing weren’t disclosed. But a new pre-order listing from Russia gives us an idea of how Samsung plans to price this budget tablet. The pre-order listing claims that the tablet will cost 6490 Rubles which is the equivalent of $191, while the cellular (3G) variant will cost 9990 Rubles or $294. Of course, we cannot judge the pricing of other markets by what’s mentioned here, but it is clear that the tablet won’t cost as low as $150 as most of us had initially expected.

With Russia being one of the major markets for budget devices, one would expect the sales in the region to be a good indicator of the success or failure of the tablet. The price mentioned here could most likely change as the device officially arrives in other regions, so the pricing could go down a bit as well. Considering the pricing of the 2013 Nexus 7, the pricing mentioned here appears a bit over the top, so we hope the actual pricing will be substantially lesser.

Source: HiTechMail – Translated

Via: Sam Mobile

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