Samsung Galaxy S5 to sport a 21MP camera?

galaxy s5

A new test photo published on Flipboard might have revealed the camera sensor size of the Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship. This photo uploaded by the user @123fliptest doesn’t reveal a lot at first glance as the camera lens has been blocked while taking the picture. But when going through the Exif data, it is revealed that the smartphone could sport a 21MP snapper. The resolution of this test image is revealed to be 5312×2988. And knowing that Samsung cameras often use 4:3 aspect ratio for its images, it’s easy to decipher that this could well be a 21MP shooter on board.

It is believed that the image was taken from the Verizon variant of the Galaxy S5, known internally as the SM-G900-V. So overall, it seems like the Galaxy S5 could sport a 21MP sensor to compete with its rivals, but its true performance can only be assessed when the smartphone is made official by the company. Since this is merely a speculation at this point, we advise you to take it with a pinch of salt.

Galaxy S5 Test Photo
Galaxy S5 Test Image

Source: @123fliptest – Flipboard

Via: Cult of Android