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Samsung Galaxy S5 to launch on February 23 according to a new leak

Samsung Galaxy S5Russian journalist and renowned source of leaks, Eldar Murtazin has claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will launch on the 25th of February just before the Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona. Samsung has traditionally been known to launch its first flagship of the year after the MWC, but Murtazin believes it will be different with the Galaxy S5. He further went on to say that the smartphone will be unveiled at 18:00 local time in Barcelona. This certainly makes sense given Murtazin’s past credentials with leaks, but we’ll take it with a pinch of salt until we come across Samsung’s schedule for the event.

Murtazin confirmed several of the rumors, going on to say that it will come with the new TouchWiz and all the specs we’ve heard of in the rumor mill. He issued a series of tweets regarding the Galaxy S5, so it is clear that he has insider information regarding the smartphone. While the pre-MWC launch is new for Samsung, it’s not surprising given the company’s urge to be the first on the scene unlike last year when the HTC One and several other flagships were announced before the Galaxy S4.

Source: @eldarmurtazin – Twitter

Via: Talk Android

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