Samsung Galaxy S4 Problem During Calls

galaxy s4 problems

A new message recently came in The Droid Guy Mailbag concerning a Samsung Galaxy S4 problem experienced during calls. The email reads:

“I am unable to disconnect an incoming call while talking. Whenever I receive an incoming call, my screen goes blank and none of the switches work and not even power off switch or home switch. The only possible way to disconnect is to ask the caller to disconnect. I have figured one more way to disconnect and that is if at the same time I receive another call. The phone again goes live and asks for options to continue with the existing call or disconnect the existing and connect to the new call. This time I can disconnect the existing call and then the screen is live and does not go blank.”

Possible Solutions to the Galaxy S4 Problem During Calls

Here are the possible solutions to the problem:

1. Make sure that there are no apps that are disabling the said buttons while calling.

2. While your phone is idle, restart it. This will likely solve the issue if it is only a simple glitch in the system.

3. Try using your phone under Safe Mode to test whether the problem is triggered by a third-party app or a hardware defect. If your phone is working perfectly during calls under that mode, there is possibly another app causing the problem. If the issue persists under the same mode, it could be hardware-related.

4. Try to locate any suspicious app that is likely triggering the problem. If you are having trouble locating it or after you have performed all the necessary solutions without success, you might want to consider performing a Factory Reset.

Note that a Factory Reset will remove all the harmful bugs left behind by third-party apps to your system and it will return your phone to its original settings. However, it will completely wipe out all your stored data and settings so be sure to backup your device prior to this.

5. When the Factory Reset fails to work or the problem still occurs under Safe Mode, you might be facing a hardware failure either in the keys of your phone or its sensors. If this is the case, have your phone checked by a reliable technician already.

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