Samsung Galaxy S4 Flashlight Mode Problem

Galaxy S4 Flashlight Mode Problem

A message was sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag about a Samsung Galaxy S4 flashlight mode problem. The email reads, “My flashlight is not working. It was working perfectly alright before, but now, even with flashlight on or on auto mode in dark area, this does not work.”

Possible Causes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Flashlight Mode Problem

The problem may be triggered by any of the following:

  • Glitch in the system
  • Rouge third-party apps
  • Defect in the built-in sensors of the unit
  • Malfunction in the device’s flashlight hardware

How to Fix the Samsung Galaxy S4 Flashlight Mode Problem

Here are the possible ways to address the Galaxy S4 Flashlight mode problem:

1. Restart the Phone

Hold on to the Power/Lock button of the phone to trigger a soft reset or a restart. This will likely solve the issue if it is only a minor glitch. However, if the bug is more serious, this may only serve as a temporary solution or it won’t do anything at all.

2. Disable Auto Mode

Disable the Auto Mode of your flashlight app. Then, activate it manually. This is a way to test if there is a defect in the sensors of your phone or there is a glitch in the Auto Mode of your app.

3. Install Another Flashlight App

Temporarily disable your flashlight app and install another one through Google Play store. Use the one that you have downloaded to test whether the issue is related to your stock flashlight app.

4. Remove Any Protective Film Covering the Sensors

Sometimes, a protective film placed in front of the sensors can trigger the trouble. Simply remove it if you suspect that it is the one hindering the proper function of your Galaxy S4’s sensors.

5. Use the Flashlight in Safe Mode

Start your Smartphone under Safe Mode. From there, activate your stock flashlight app. If it functions normally under that mode, a third-party app is likely causing all the mayhem. However, if the problem persists, it may already be related to the hardware of your unit.

If the problem is traced to a third-party app, simply uninstall the program causing the trouble. For a problem with the hardware, have your Samsung device checked by an authorized technician.

6. Take a Picture with Camera Flash

This is another way to test if the defect lies in the hardware of your phone. If the flash won’t work, you are probably looking at a hardware issue. Once confirmed that this is the case, bring it to a reliable technician.

7. Perform a Factory Reset

A Factory Reset will likely solve any problem connected to the software of your device. This will completely fix all your corrupted system files and remove any bugs left behind by third-party apps. But the tradeoff is that it will also delete all your stored data and settings, so make sure that you have backed up your Galaxy S4 before doing this.

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