Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to launch with a ‘three sided’ display later this year

Samsung Galaxy RoundThe Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is not even six months old in the market and talk of a successor has already begun. A new report now states that the Galaxy Note 3 successor will feature a ‘three-sided display‘, which comes across as rather strange for a phablet, but nothing unexpected given Samsung’s experience with curved displays. This information was given out by Lee Young Hee who is the Executive VP of Samsung’s mobile division. She gave away the news while speaking to Bloomberg in an interview. This would allow smartphone users to read messages at a specific angle, said Ms. Lee.

She went on to add that the company will be targeting professional and business users with this new model, so we might see a separate variant of the Galaxy Note 4 launching with the said feature. She said that the customers will be willing to pay the extra amount for a feature like this, which is a question that only time can answer. It will be interesting to see as to how expensive this special Galaxy Note 4 will be when it hits the markets later this year.

Source: Bloomberg

Via: Sam Mobile