Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Audio Problem When Using Earphones

samsung galaxy note 2

Here’s a new message that came in recently through The Droid Guy Mailbag:

“Hi The Droid Guy, my question is why do I only get audio through one side of my earphones. I’ve tried different quality sets and only get slight sounds through one side and normal sound through the other. It’s frustrating, this is the second Galaxy Note 2  I’ve had and both of them have done it. Please help, I love my music. Thanks Pat.”

After the user mentioned that the device he is using is the second Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that has done it to him, I assume that the problem may lie on either the speaker of the configuration of his device. So, based on these presumptions, here are the possible solutions to his problem:

1. Use Only the Earphone that Came with the Device

First, avoid using earphones not recommended by Samsung. This is because it might not have the exact frequency that matches the requirement of the device. Alternative earphones that have compatibility issues with the device may not only result to unequal distribution of sound on its both sides but it may also produce crackling or annoying noise.

2. Adjust or Disable Adapt Sound

The Adapt Sound feature automatically adjusts the audio output of the Galaxy Note 2 to match the user’s preference. To access the Adapt Sound feature, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Settings of the Galaxy Note 2.
  • Go to the tab labeled My Device.
  • Select Sound among the choices.
  • Scroll all the way down and tap “Adapt Sound” when you find it.
  • Simply follow the directions provided by the app to come up with the ideal audio output when calling or listening to music.

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