Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S5 to Sport Rapid Charging 2,900mAh Li-ion Battery

So many details about the upcoming Samsung flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5 have surfaced, including a list of confirmed specs, models and variants and last week we learnt of several design tweaks that make this device one of the most anticipated in the market today.  Today, we have learnt something even more promising – the Samsung Galaxy S5 Android smartphone will most likely come with a massive 2,900 mAh Li-Ion battery with Rapid Charging capabilities.


Knowing just how important the battery is to modern high end powerful smartphones, the rumor that the S5 will come with a completely revolutionary battery is great news for everyone – even those that do not intend to buy the S5 as it opens the floodgates into battery power innovations.  The specs list we have seen today proves just what a monster and powerhouse the Galaxy S5 is and to keep all the features running, it needs a better battery than any we have in the market now.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to have a 5 inch QHD 2560 x 1440 pixels display and a powerful 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 or Exynos 6 processor, both of these hardware expected to be the most power drainers.  The new massive 2,900 mAh battery offers 300mAh more battery power for the S5 over the current flagship smartphone the S4 and because it uses a refined Li-Ion technology, it promises to offer 20% more battery power than a current Li-Ion battery with the same capacity used in ideal conditions.

The rumor mill goes on to point out that there is a very high chance that the battery of the Galaxy S5 will support Rapid Charging technology, a feature that a battery can be charged fast – fully charging the battery within 2 hours.  If this feature actually exists, combined with the massive power conservancy of the battery and the extended life of the new Li-Ion battery, the Galaxy S5 is expected to have a much longer battery performance and battery life than the S4 despite the more powerful processor, larger screen with more picture elements and the tons of features the S5 will come with, most of which use significant battery power.  I can’t wait!

Just remember that this is off the rumor mill, there is no guarantee any of these is real yet.  But then, almost everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a rumor, some verified, but all based on something real.  We are sure something credible will surface sooner than you think.

Via Phone Arena