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Revenue generated through mobile data usage on roaming will reach $42 billion by 2018: Report

Mobile RoamingA new research by the folks at Juniper has found that mobile data usage while roaming will increase substantially in the coming years and will surge to $42 billion by 2018. Bear in mind, this is only the mobile data revenue that is being talked about and not all the revenue generated while roaming, which would be more than double. The research has found that the mobile data usage on roaming will account for over 47% of the total global mobile roaming revenue which paints a picture of where things are headed.

According to Juniper, the increase in mobile data usage while roaming is partly due to the reduction in prices which will make mobile data more appealing for users. This means that LTE roaming will take a substantial increase as well, which is understandable given the massive expansion of LTE networks around the globe. The author of the report said the following – “Operators also need to sort out the right economics to encourage more usage at a value to the end users in order to avoid revenue erosion. They need to also provide services that are both relevant and cost effective to LTE roamers.

Source: Juniper Research

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