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Red Nexus 5 pictured, headed to Vietnam next month along with yellow model?

Red Nexus 5 pictured, headed to Vietnam next month along with yellow model?

Less than a day ago, we were treated to a leak that indicated that the Nexus 5 would soon be made available in multiple new color options in addition to the current black and white models. Everyone got excited at first, but a closer look made us realize that the leak could have been a fake, sending us back to square one. But fret not, as a new leak has arrived to rekindle the possibility of Google taking a cue out of Motorola’s books and giving its flagship colorful paint jobs.

A photo of a red Nexus 5 has appeared on a Vietnamese website, lending some credence to the fact that new color options for the Nexus 5 could indeed arrive sooner or later. Apparently, a yellow Nexus 5 will be accompanying the red version, and both could launch in Vietnam in February or March. Furthermore, Android Police’s Artem Russakovskii posted on Google+ that they had received a tip about a red Nexus 5 launching around Valentine’s Day, which points towards the fact that at least the red variant could be real.

Of course, until more concrete details leak, it would be best to take everything with a pinch of salt. For all we know, the red N5 in the photo could easily be a very thin red-colored case covering the device. But for those that like their smartphones in more colorful attires, we’ll pray Google does make these color options a reality in the near future.

Via: PhoneArena

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