Philips will launch Android powered Smart TVs later this year

Philips Smart TVPhilips has just announced the launch of its Android powered¬†Ambilight televisions in late 2014. These will be Smart TVs and will pack a decent hardware specs sheet to handle graphics heavy titles and games with relative ease. The company mentions that these devices will contain a quad core processor, although it didn’t specify the chipset or the make. Interestingly, these new televisions will come with support for Philips’ standard Smart TV apps as well as content from the Google Play Store, so you can use it just as a regular Android device.

Philips hasn’t given out specific launch or price related information but we hope to learn more as the months pass. Philips has never really been in the smartphone segment, so it would be wiser in choosing to merge Android with home appliances which has always been its strong suit. Current Smart TVs are fairly limited in their approach, but the implementation of Android will certainly change the way people think about televisions in the future. We hope to see more such televisions launching from manufacturers like Samsung and LG in the future.

Source: T3

Via: Android Guys