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Over 94.8% of the smartphones sold in South Korea during 2013 were running Android

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South Korea is home to a lot of Android OEMs, including giants like Samsung and LG  as well as Pantech to a lesser extent. These manufacturers churn out competitive devices year after year, providing the locals with plenty of options to choose from. What this means is that no matter what the customers end up picking, it’s eventually an Android device. This is highlighted from a new report which claims that over 94.8% of the smartphones sold in South Korea were running on Android.

According to Strategy Analytics, over 24.9 million units of Android smartphones were sold last year, which is a substantial amount for a country with a population of roughly 50 million. About 4.2% of the Korean smartphone marketshare was reportedly snatched by the Apple iPhones which don’t enjoy a great following in South Korea, as it has seen a substantial dip in sales since 2009 when it accounted for over 28.2% of all the smartphones sold in the region. The remaining 1% possibly accounts for the sales of Windows Phones from Nokia as well as Samsung. Unfortunately, Strategy Analytics predicts Android’s marketshare in the region to go down in the coming years. But that’s only for the time to decide as we’re yet to see the launch of major flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the LG G3 in the coming months.

Via: MK News – Translated

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