Octa-Core HTC Desire Spotted In Different Colors

It has long been rumored that HTC will be releasing an octa core smartphone using a MediaTek processor. The latest information coming out of China shows that the company is indeed coming up with a mid-range Desire smartphone using the true octa core MT6592 chip that will come in various colors.

htc desire 5

Leaked photos show an HTC Desire smartphone in various colors. This strategy reminds us of the iPhone 5C or even the Nokia Lumia models.

hct desire 1

htc desire 2

htc desire 3

htc desire 4

Very little information is known so far about this model but based from what we have gathered it will be using a 5 inch display with a resolution of 720p. It will be running on Android 4.3 straight out of the box and will use the Sense 5.5 user interface. It will also be using the octa core processor of MediaTek and will have 1.5GB of RAM. An 8MP rear camera is also included.

Based on what we have seen so far HTC is aiming at the younger consumer market with this device by releasing it in various colors. This is an effective strategy as other companies are also doing the same.

The use of the MediaTek MT6592 octa-core processor is a cost effective way of providing muscle to the device. The Desire line of the company is not really known for its power but more on its budget appeal. By using a true octa core processor its image may change as aside from still being a budget device it can now compete with other premium devices in the market

The price is reportedly set at 2000 Yuan which is a bit steep considering that there is a price war going on in China today. Various manufacturers are releasing devices with premium specs at lower prices.

No release date or market availability has been mentioned yet.

Since this is still a rumor with no official confirmation from HTC yet we should take this with a grain of salt.

via eprice