Nokia Normandy Engineering Prototype Photo Gets Leaked

There’s been a lot of news lately regarding Nokia’s supposedly first Android smartphone. Just recently a photo of the engineering prototype of the Nokia Normandy surfaced on Twitter. The photo shows a device with a casing that conceals part of its body. The single button below its display is consistent with previous images we have seen.

Recently a leaked photo of the user interface of the device was also leaked. The photo shows it running on a customized version of Android and has two signal bars on top suggesting that it will be available as a dual-SIM device.

Its single button at the front is not the same as the three button standard that Android phones use. Instead, it’s similar to the new Asha devices available in the market.

Preliminary specs of the device based on the database of benchmark website AnTuTu shows the handset with a codename of A110. It runs on Android 4.4.1 KitKat and has a display resolution of 854×480 possibly with a size of 4 inches. It uses a still unknown Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and will have a 5MP rear camera.

With Microsoft closing in on its deal to acquire Nokia’s Devices and Services division a lot of people are skeptical that this device will make its way into the market. The leaked photo of the supposedly engineering prototype however shows that there is progress being made.

If the rumors that this device will become available in the market this year are true then Nokia will have two smartphone lines, Windows powered devices and this new Android device.

Sources from inside Nokia say the development Normandy is progressing as planned. This device is reportedly designed as an equivalent to the low cost Asha line. This device will allow the company to offer its own customized Android services similar to what Amazon is doing.

Since everything is just rumors and speculations at this point and nothing is official yet it’s best to take everything with a grain of salt.

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