Next High End Android Phones from Samsung, LG and Others to Feature Fingerprint Scanners

As all the new tech and innovations are paraded at the CES, we have to wonder what tomorrow’s technology will look like and while almost everything may seem like speculation, there are strong indications that the next generation high end smartphones may all have fingerprint scanners just like the current smartphones have high definition large screens.  According to the Taiwanese news site DigiTimes, the first half of 2014 will see an influx of high end smartphones with fingerprint modules squeezed in them as a ‘necessary’ feature.

Fingerprint scanner galaxy s5

The site reports that Samsung, LG and a number of other leading smartphone manufacturers are all having plans to adopt fingerprint scanners from Validity, a hardware manufacturer, for their upcoming high end and in some cases mid-range smartphones.  We have come across many rumors that hint on Samsung’s next flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5 and LG’s G3 devices coming with fingerprint scanners and while these companies have produced so many devices in the recent past with varying specs but almost similar features, the fingerprint scanner may be a game changer.

HTC’s One X Max came equipped with a fingerprint scanner from Validity, the same company touted to make the scanners for Samsung and LG giving a strong indication that the news report may be accurate.  The inclusion of a fingerprint scanner in smartphones is basically an added layer of security but the hidden truth is that the feature will greatly impact the supply chain of the smartphones considering how frequently these manufacturers churn out new devices.

According to DigiTImes, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and LG’s G3 are most likely to be the next high end devices to bring fingerprint scanners to the Android market after HTC’s One X Max, a move likely to open the floodgates of devices with these features.  LG is expected to source their fingerprint scanner modules from Swedish company FingerPrint.  Most Chinese smartphone makers are reportedly working on including the scanners in their smartphones as well.

Apple seemed to have gone a step further last year when it acquired AuthenTec, a fingerprint scanner manufacturer, thereby closing the supply loop and ascertaining the company’s interest in including the scanner in possibly all their next devices.

How the market receives this feature is however a story for another day.  You can read more on this story here.