New research finds that money spent on in-app advertising will reach $16.9 Billion by 2018

In-App AdsA new finding by Juniper Research claims that spending on in-app ads is on a rise and could reach new heights in the coming years. It is believed that companies could shell out in excess of $16.9 billion by 2018 as advanced forms of ads make their way to mobile devices. These new ads will reportedly allow advertisers to target a specific set of audience more directly with the help of interactive ads instead of the conventional ads that we see today.

This could mean more revenue for Google, obviously, but also a cluttered experience for users of free apps which largely depend on advertising money. These advertisements will reportedly be able to perform functions within the device itself, like making a call to the company related to the ad with the click of a button and so on. The report further goes on to state that the money spent on smartphone ads and tablet ads will be almost the same, which tells us about the predicted growth of the Android tablet industry by 2018.

Also, tablet ads will be more effective and interactive with the users due to the sheer nature of usage, so the cost per impressions will be higher than smartphones, says the report. Taking all this into consideration, we might be looking at more ads bombarded on our screens in the coming years, but as long as it doesn’t affect the user experience, we won’t mind.

Source: Juniper Research

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