New Refreshed 16GB Ouya Android Console now Available for $129

The original Ouya Android gaming console launched with just 8GB onboard memory, and although for the $99 price it retailed for is justified, the memory issue has been among the greatest concerns that users and experts criticized.  Not so long after the original Ouya was unveiled, the maker rolled out a limited edition all-white version back in November last year that came with double the memory – 16GB – as the original Ouya.

New Ouya

Android gaming console (Ouya specifically) fans who prefer to play on the Ouya will be happy to know that the maker has today launched a new 16GB version that will cost 30 more bucks at $29.  Ouya has gone to great lengths to preserve the design and core features of the original Ouya which was funded on Kickstarter just last year.

The new version of Ouya will be available online at the same time as the original version is still on sale in various online and offline stores.  Memory is not the only improvement that the new Ouya can boast of, it boasts of a solid matte finish and promises to offer better Wi-Fi connectivity than the original and comes with a new classy controller.

According to OUYA, the joysticks of the new Ouya console controller are much better and has less lag time.  The console itself also comes with various improvements that Ouya haven’t listed yet but they assure us that there have been tremendous performance improvements on the Android-powered gaming device.  In the recent past, Ouya has faced serious challenges in racing to dominate the Android gaming market including one of the important founding members leaving the company.

If you are planning to get a Ouya, the new version comes with updated firmware according to a press release the company issued, so it is definitely worth the extra 30 bucks to get the new one over the old one.  The console is currently available online on Amazon, (which is offering a $30 discount on the old Ouya at the time of writing) and

Via Kotaku