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Motorola has a smartwatch and a 6 inch phablet in the pipeline

Lenovo Motorola

Reports emerging out of China indicate that Motorola is planning to launch a 6 inch phablet and a smartwatch by 2015. Despite the acquisition by Lenovo, Motorola will reportedly go through with the launch of these devices as originally scheduled. The plans also include the launch of the Moto X successor later this year. So it’s quite clear that Lenovo doesn’t want to interfere with Motorola’s regular operations which is quite good news for fans of Motorola products.

It is believed that Moto Maker will remain unchanged as well, although Lenovo might change the accessibility options a little bit. But the overall functioning of Moto Maker should remain unchanged. Motorola’s phablet plans were relatively unknown up until now, but it’s certain that the company wants to take on the likes of Samsung and other phablet manufacturers. Lenovo made it clear after the acquisition that it plans to take on Samsung and Apple with Motorola. Lenovo is one of the top manufacturers in the world with a stronghold in China, so the partnership between the two companies certainly has the legs to make it big in global markets.

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