Moto X officially announced for Europe, launches in February


Motorola has announced that it will be bringing the Moto X to Europe, confirming the speculation that ran rampant when the company sent out press invites for a new phone recently. The flagship smartphone will be available for purchase in February in the UK, France and Germany, with French carrier SFR calling dibs on exclusivity for a few days after launch. In the UK, Phones 4u, Carphone Warehouse, O2, Amazon, and Techdata will sell the phone in black, with Phones 4u getting an exclusive on the white Moto X for the first three months of the phone’s availability.

Unfortunately, unlike in the U.S., where the Moto X is now only $399, the European prices are rather exorbitant: in France, the handset will cost $586 (€429), a price that will go up to $622 (£380) in the UK. That’s pretty high for a phone that is now five months old and doesn’t exactly offer cutting edge hardware, hardware that will rather outdated in another six months. What’s worse is that at launch, Motorola will not be allowing consumers the option the customize their Moto X via Moto Maker – all of these factors, coupled with the fact that the Moto G offers a rather similar experience at less than half the price, could make the Moto X dead on arrival in its non-US debut.

Source: Global Post

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