Moto X comes with a notification LED: Here’s how you can enable it

Moto X LED

Believe it or not, the Moto X actually has a notification LED inside, but due to the existence of Active Display, Motorola has not made it accessible to the users. The LED is visible only during battery low notifications, which to be honest isn’t using the LED to its full potential. However, users of the smartphone can now unlock this feature and access the notification LED to display notifications in colors of their choice according to a tutorial. In a detailed video posted by an XDA user, it is explained how the LED works and how it can be enabled on the Moto X.

To begin with, users will need root access on their Moto X smartphone, after which they will have to do a bit of playing around with the Tasker code. Users must thank XDA user carock for this workaround and while it might not be something for the rookies to try their hand with, it’s certainly worth a shot given what it brings to the table. Using the Tasker code basically allows users to control the LED according to their liking, which is what customization in this day and age is all about really. So if you know your way around Tasker and have a rooted Moto X, make sure you hit the video below to learn how it’s done.

Source: XDA

Via: Cult of Android