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Moto G and Moto X available at a discounted price for friends and family members of Motorola employees

Friends With Moto

In a bid to woo the dear and loved ones of its own employees, Motorola is now offering a $50 discount on the Moto X and $30 or $40 discount on the 8 and 16GB variants of the Moto G smartphone to friends and family of Motorola employees. As per this plan, Motorola employees are given a coupon code which they can share with their family and friends to be used with either of the two smartphones. This discount is only applicable on the off contract variant of the Moto X and the Moto G. With this discount, the prices of the Moto G effectively come down to $149 and $159 for the 8 and 16GB variants respectively which is remarkable for a budget smartphone. Motorola said the following while announcing the new program:

Motorola is proud of its products and wants to share them with friends and family. The Friends with Moto program was designed so every employee can give their friends discount codes for a Moto X at just $349 off-contract or a Moto G for $149 – 8GB/$159 – 16GB. Codes would be distributed at the employee’s discretion and timeline“.

The Friends With Moto is a great initiative by Motorola to reward the employees of the company with great discounts to share. So if you have a friend or a family member working in Motorola, you know what to do.

Source: Android Police

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