Meizu will allow developers to keep 100% of the revenue made through the Meizu Appstore

Meizu LogoThe Meizu Appstore has a large following since Meizu is one of the top selling smartphone brands in China. And to make the Appstore more attractive to developers, the manufacturer has decided to let them keep 100% of the revenue they make with the app. To put things in perspective, Apple gives about 70% percent of the revenue made through apps to developers while keeping 30% for itself. So this move from Meizu is very bold and commendable, given how competitive and money hungry manufacturers have become these days.

To make things much easier for the developers, Meizu has released its SDK as well to get things started. Meizu’s effort will certainly lure in more developers to work on apps for its Appstore, which is what the company wants as it looks to expand into countries like the U.S. with its lineup of devices. It is said that the manufacturer is also working on an English website to entertain the global audience as it currently has websites in Chinese. You can download the Meizu SDK from the source link below.

Source: Meizu Developer Page

Via: Next Power Up