MediaTek Introduces Resonance Charging System, World’s First Multimode Wireless Charging Solution

Wireless charging isn’t a new concept as there are already various mobile devices released in the market with the ability to charge wirelessly. The issue with the current inductive chargers is that only one device can be charged at any given time and that the device must be positioned in a certain way for the charging to proceed.

MediaTek aims to fix this by coming up with another form of wireless charging called the resonance charging system. This system offers several benefits against the inductive system being used today.

Some of the key benefits include

  • charging devices with freedom of movement with easy, imprecise placement of the device
  • charging multiple devices concurrently from a single affordable charger coil
  • charging different sized devices with largely different power needs from the same charger
  • charging different devices with vastly different form factors free of the need for precise coil to coil alignment
  • charging devices across distances, through furniture or even walls

Mark Estabrook, Director of Strategic Marketing at MediaTek, said that “Most analysts agree that the adoption of wireless power is being slowed by competing specifications. MediaTek has developed leading technology that will overcome those specification differences even across such different technologies as induction and resonance.”

A resonant system and an inductive system are both similar in a sense that both of them use a primary coil and a secondary coil to crate the charge. The difference is that in an inductive system both coils must be closely aligned. A resonant system does not need to be aligned closely and multiple secondary coils can even be used to pair with the primary coil.

Wireless charging is going to be the wave of the future. In 2013 alone there were 20 million devices that were shipped that were capable of charging wirelessly. This figure is expected to increase by 700 million devices by 2018.

MediaTek plans to make inductive and resonant charging systems interoperable in the near future. Estabrook added that “Industry leaders must work together to quickly adapt to the natural path of technology adoption in order to deliver a complete ecosystem compatible with every device. This is essential to gain the trust and deliver on the needs and wants of the consumer.”

MediaTek plans to make the resonance charging system available to Chinese smartphones in the coming months.

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