Major Bug In Android Version Of Final Fantasy VI Makes Game Unbeatable

What’s probably one of the best role playing games of all time is the Final Fantasy series of games. While most of the games in the series are stand-alone titles each of them have an intriguing storyline, great characters, and an engaging gameplay mechanics that makes them popular.

Just recently Final Fantasy VI was released over at Google Play which is a port of the Super NES version of the game. The game has now been optimized to take advantage of touch controls and also comes with graphics improvements.

There is however a problem with the game that makes it unbeatable on the Android platform. A lot of gamers have said that a glitch occurs halfway in the game in the fight between Kefka and General Leo in Thamasa. During the cutscene instead of Kefka killing General Leo it is the game itself that gets killed as it crashes inexplicably.

Square Enix is already aware of this issue and promises to release a fix soon however no schedule was announced.

Over at the Google Play Store the game developer made this announcement

The following bugs have been confirmed and fixes are forthcoming:

  • The game no longer crashes during the cutscene showing the fight between Kefka and General Leo.
  • The icon for Sabin’s Blitz ability now displays correctly.
  • A misspelling of the term “Esper” has been corrected.”

If you are a fan of this title and planning to get then go ahead and get the game. The bug occurs halfway in the game and since Square Enix knows about it already by the time you reach the point where the bug occurs a fix will have already been released. That’s assuming that you don’t go on a marathon gaming session.

Here are some of the features of the Android version of Final Fantasy VI

  • All graphics have been painstakingly recreated, bringing the world of FINAL FANTASY VI to your mobile device for the very first time! Kazuko Shibuya, one of the graphics designers involved in the FINAL FANTASY series from the very start, personally worked on the main characters and supervised the recreation of the game’s graphics.
  • Square Enix’s vast experience in A-list smartphone RPG titles has been harnessed in implementing intuitive user-friendly controls that make the game easy to play on touch screens. The battle interface has received particular attention, with a complete overhaul for use on your smartphone.
  • This smartphone release includes the new magicites and events that were introduced in the 2006 remake.
  • Some events have been optimized to be played with user-friendly touch controls.

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