LG G3 and G Pro 2 to feature fingerprint scanners?

LG G3The LG G3 and the G Pro 2 phablet aren’t far away from launch with the latter rumored to break cover in February and the G3 on May 17. A new report now claims that these two flagship handsets from LG could feature fingerprint scanners on the back. The report claims that both handsets will sport this technology although it is not known as to what the implementation will be like. Apple has been partially successful with its fingerprint scanner known as the TouchID sensor, but HTC failed miserably with the One Max and its fingerprint scanner.

So we’re hoping LG has done its due research with the technology to bring out the very best to the market. With Android being heavily customizable, LG can customize the sensor to work in various ways, both as an authenticator and an app shortcut, so it will be very interesting to see the Korean manufacturer’s adaptation of the fingerprint scanning technology. It is said that LG wanted to introduce the fingerprint scanner with the LG G2 last year, but couldn’t due to time constraints.

Source: ET News – Translated

Via: Talk Android