LG G Pro getting its very own QuickWindow Case along with a few others software tweaks

LG G Pro Quick WindowThe LG G Pro (previously known as the Optimus G Pro) will reportedly get its very own QuickWindow Cover according to an Italian blog. The site also mentions that the smartphone will get software features from the LG G2 such as KnockOn, possibly with the Android 4.4 update. The QuickWindow Cover will function exactly like it does with the LG G2 and the users will be able to view specific content from within the box on the cover, which basically saves the trouble of having to flip it open every time the user wants to quickly check out a notification or a message.

The KnockOn feature on the other hand won’t serve a great purpose apart from waking up your G Pro with the help of a knock or a tap on the screen. All these features will need a software update as we mentioned above and it seems like Korea will be the first place to get it. But considering that the G Pro is sold almost everywhere in the world, a global update rollout shouldn’t be far away.

Source: WebTrek – Translated

Via: Talk Android