How to Enable Widgets in Galaxy S4 Running KitKat

enable widgets in galaxy s4

We recently received a message in The Droid Guy Mailbag which reads, “I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 4.4 KitKat. Now, I have this problem about my widgets. I can’t find them anywhere. Can you help me get them?”

If you have recently installed the Android 4.4 KitKat and you cannot find you widgets anywhere, there’s nothing to worry about because they are just disabled by default. So, all you have to do is learn how to enable widgets in Galaxy S4 to solve this issue.

Simply follow these steps to enable widgets in Galaxy S4:

Step 1 — Tap the Menu button.

Step 2 — Open the Settings of your phone.

Step 3 — Go to Security.

Step 4 — Select Enable Widgets from the options.

Step 5 — Proceed to the Lock Screen of your Galaxy S4.

Step 6 — Swipe your finger to the left part of your screen.

Step 7 — When you see a plus sign within a rectangular frame, just tap it.

Step 8 —A new set of choices will be revealed. All you have to do is tap the widget that you want to add to your lock screen.

That’s how easy it is to enable widgets in Galaxy S4. But if you are still experiencing trouble in displaying the widgets in your Galaxy S4, you can apply the solutions discussed in our previous article with the title “Multiple Widgets Not Displaying On Samsung Galaxy S4.

Follow the step-by-step solutions provided there to easily fix your problem.

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