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Google Unveils New Prescription Lenses For Glass


This is really good for people who have less than stellar vision and Google Glass. Last night, Google unveiled new prescription frames for Google Glass. There are four different frames that can fit Google Glass and prescription eyewear.

Google is specifically calling the frames the “Titanium Edition”. Instead of partnering with another company, Google has developed these in-house. While there are many different types of eyewear, Google says that there are “6-8 styles that people wear”. So while some will be left out initially, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of more down the line.


This isn’t a new version of Glass and actually attaches by a tiny screw that’s already built into the hardware. The slate colors look good with Glass, but they aren’t stellar. They actually don’t fit on your face without Glass, as the right stem is shorter than the left.

These frames can be used if you have bad vision, but they don’t come with prescription frames out of the box. Instead, Google is partnering up with “preferred eye care professionals” to make personalized lenses for Glass. You could also ask your own eye doctor to do that as well.

These frames cost $225 each, which adds on top of the $1500 you’re paying for Glass already. But if you have VSP, a healthcare provider, they will reimburse you on a portion of the frame cost. They are also going to train optometrists on how to design frames with Google Glass in mind.

Besides the new frames, Google is also releasing two new pairs of sunglasses, which look more like regular pieces of eyewear than the previous design.


With these new frames, Google Glass still looks like a computer to your face. But now it looks more like a natural extension, rather than a (pardon the pun) in-your-face “I have a camera on my face” situation. From this image of Dieter Bohn of The Verge, it looks that way.


These new frames are all available starting sometime later today. They cost $225, on top of Glass’s initial cost of $1500. But when Google expands Glass to be a more public release later this year, hopefully we’ll see both prices drop.

Source: Google via The Verge

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